Visio updating directory cache

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Visio updating directory cache - social bioware not updating

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When you have typed in a name for your new toolbar, click OK and the new toolbar name will appear at the bottom of the list of toolbars as shown in Figure 3-8.Log Name: Application Source: Microsoft-Share Point Products-Visio Graphics Service Event ID: 8079Task Category: Graphics Service Level: Error User: AD\svc_sp_serviceapppoo Description: Failed to generate raster diagram for file at Microsoft. Read Bundle Part(Bundle bundle, Int32 index) at Microsoft. Get Raster Page Item(Raster Page Item Request request) at Microsoft. NET Framework SDK documentation and inspect the server trace logs. When you select the Database category from the category list shown in Figure 3-5 you will see a window with five icons similar to that shown in Figure 3-6.

The Express-G and ORM Diagram templates are standard Visio stencils and are also included in Microsoft Visio 2003 Professional.

If you wish to run Visio on an existing Visio document file, you can do so by double-clicking that file in the Explorer directory.

The first time Visio runs, it takes a while to update its directory cache before you can use it. On running Visio for the first time, the opening screen appears as shown Figure 3-5.

You can adapt each toolbar to your needs by using the controls on the Commands tab shown in Figure 3-10 to add or delete toolbar buttons.

Look at the list of files under the heading " Open a drawing".

For more information about the error, either turn on Include Exception Detail In Faults (either from Service Behavior Attribute or from the configuration behavior) on the server in order to send the exception information back to the client, or turn on tracing as per the Microsoft .