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Matilda, who sat at the end of the table, hesitated slightly, "We wanted to throw you a party here at the hot springs, and we thought you would want your family here- so…"Matilda had grown up as well; her hair still in a short pixie cut, the naïve innocence radiating off of her never faded - but there seemed to be a drastic increase in the number of guys that looked her way now. Though she was still the youngest, at the age of 17, she fit well into their new group."-So we asked around and got Hiro to do some investigating for us! She had cut her hair to shoulder length - while still keeping her nails long and decorated with polish and jewels. She and Hiro still weren't quite on speaking terms - it was awkward, especially when her boyfriend wanted to murder him.But as it turns out, Hiro was surprised to even find out your birthday is- let alone that your parents died! Still the tallest and oldest of the girls, she held the older sister role to perfection. Things had never been the same since he kissed her during Kai's absence."Haven't the Blade Breaker's ever celebrated your birthday?!

"I didn't want to know." She said pointedly, glaring hard at Mariah.

Everyone was unwinding before the battles tomorrow.

No one truly saw this tournament as something too serious, it was being held for fun - to ease the boredom before the real battles to come.

Now, not only did she have brains, but she had the looks too - though Mariah was still beating her in the chest department, much to Emily's disdain."No," Hilary muttered dryly, almost cynically.

"Boy's are too stupid to notice I hadn't had one in five years.""What about Kai?! Jade was still Jade; sassy and defiant - a little taller but she kept her looks the same as always.

Hilary liked it better this way, she wasn't a fan of the pressure.

Hilary glanced back at her friends and noticed how they were now talking about guys.

She would be 18 and after the first day of the tournament battles, her friends were determined to throw her a party.

Hilary didn't mind the idea of a party so much, she just hoped her parental information wouldn't get around.

She should have realised then it was an intervention, Mariah had acquired the new habit of using Hilary's sweet-tooth against her.

You would think sitting in an expensive hotels lounge in Fujiyama Hotsprings with five girlfriends would be a great experience; apparently, Hilary didn't think so.

She leant back into the couch - positioned in front of a glowing fireplace - and took a slow sip of her chocolate banana milkshake.

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