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I came here for the bagel adventure, but I hate cronuts.There’s this idea that everyone’s all free-love in France, that everything isn’t treated like it’s a big ordeal, so everyone is more romantic (and intimate) without the hangups. Love is definitely a happy and open subject in France.

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And because those students (once again, it’s by no means the majority, but they are the “visible ones”) seriously lack imagination, the “craziest things they can imagine” is very often unoriginal (and thankfully harmless for the local populations) and very often results in drinking even more than they do at home and being sexually promiscuous, much more than they do at home (that’s what happens when hypocritical puritanism is the only thing that keeps you in check when growing up).Don’t ask me why, this is something I could never figure out (although I’m sure the Marshall Plan has something to do with it).French news always talk about what’s going on in the US, French tabloids care about US celebrities as much if not more than about French celebrities (even if French reality TV wannabe celebrities are stealing the spotlight more and more these days… They won’t tell you “nobody died in no accident today” and same thing goes when they talk about people and celebrities.Sadly, those few idiots (can’t find a nicer word here, sorry), give all American female students the reputation of being sluts and morons (and that too is fascinating for male French students) but it’s usually the least negative effect from this pitiful behavior as STDs and rape are also part of the picture. OK, I guess I covered the two principal ways American women can be fascinating to French men.I know, I didn’t talk about non-student American women in France, but I’m sure most of them are very normal people and no more fascinating than you and me to French men, except for the distorded view of the US French people may have because of the media (see first part of the post). Are there other ways that American women are fascinating to French men?A Frenchie will not “ask you out.” Or if he did, you two would just be together side.

Meanwhile, Americans ask you to “have dinner.” But is this an “I am asking you out”-type of question, or is it, “I am hungry, let’s go eat“? Is it annoying to date French guys here in America since you moved out of France? This is like asking me if it is annoying to eat croissants in New York.

I assume this is because people don’t have the “normal, uneventful” frame of reference in front of them.

And this is very true for French people and the US.

It’s not true for all of them, but you see what I mean.

So even when American women behave “normally” (for American standards) in such places, their behavior will be already seen by Parisian men as fun, intriguing, inviting, and yeah, fascinating.

Some sort of weird belief that “abroad” is not a real place, you don’t have to respect any rule there, especially not the local ones (one cannot totally blame them for that, their country shows them the bad example with its international policies).

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