Were whitney port and jay really dating

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Were whitney port and jay really dating - sax b4uhot

"My first date with my second boyfriend ever was on camera.

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I would have to be full on."The hardest part was the dating aspects and I'll never do that on TV again."Speaking about her dramatic relationship with Aussie musician Jay Lyon, she said she would definitely question his motives.

Tamarama recently released the music video to their first single “Everything to Me”.

It features Jay‘s ex-girlfriend Miranda Kerr, who is currently dating Orlando Bloom.

Was the relationship between The City’s Whitney Port and Jay Lyon real during season one of the show? Whitney may have inadvertently given us a scoop on her video blog this week, where she says that she was unhappy about her decision to allow Jay to move in, but “since he is my boyfriend I felt like that was the right thing to do.” (Note her use of the present tense, people!

) This week’s episode of The City may have given us a clue about Jay’s possible ulterior motives.

"It was hard with Justin towards the end with him and Kristin [Cavallari] and all that stuff." That "stuff" she's referring to is a party scene in which her and Cavallari got into a "fake" fight over Brescia while filming at Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s house, which we found out was, sadly, also fake.

(Read more on that HERE.) WATCH: Justin Bobby Reveals the Real Story Behind His Infamous Nickname "That was definitely kind of fake," she admitted, "but the stuff with [Justin and I], it was a fine line of real and fake, because we definitely had real feelings for each other and what we were going through was real, but what we were going through in real life we didn't talk [about] on camera.

But then here he was this week, talking to this possible mistress, saying things like “I know last time we saw each other we went home together.” Did he really cheat on Whitney with this gangly, tired-looking excuse for a coat-hanger?

Talk of Jay’s shady past goes back years, to when tabloids discovered the Aussie’s alternative identity.

It's been 10 years," Patridge, 31, told ET's Ashley Crossan during a sit-down interview.

"It seems like we're about to go back in time right now and reminisce and I'm ready for it." WATCH: Heidi Montag Reflects on Plastic Surgery Obsession Ready, indeed!

Whitney (26) also confirmed that her arch-rival on spin-off show The City, Olivia Palermo, was a genuine diva while they were filming."Olivia was not the nicest person ever. She was not so easy to work with, we don't keep in touch, that's for sure.

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