Who is barbara bush twin dating

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Who is barbara bush twin dating

“She’s shown herself to be interested in that world.

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Perhaps the most surprising thing about Barbara Bush’s pro-gay marriage public-service announcement was that longtime friends and acquaintances weren’t that surprised at all.“She circulates in social New York,” noted one acquaintance on the party circuit, going on to compare her to the former first daughter to her twin sister, Jenna.

As one of them put it: “I always thought that was such bullshit. I’m pretty naïve when it comes to drugs, but I never saw her doing them.

Do I think she was a party girl any more so than any other girl of that social stature? I never saw her out of control…She had her s--- together.”During a summer vacation, Bush interned at white-hot design firm Proenza Schouler, where she did well and, indeed, seemed to have her s--- together.

“I heard she was asked but turned it down,” said the former classmate. She always seemed that way to me, but I guess I had friends who were Republicans and it didn’t really come up, because even my Republican friends from Yale are liberal in the way they conduct their social lives.”After she got out of school, Bush moved to the West Village and became a fairly regular presence on the social scene, showing up at big events like the Unicef Snowflake Ball and the American Museum of Natural History’s Winter Dance, frequently accompanied by her photogenic friend Maggie Betts, the African-American daughter of Republican donor Roland Betts.

Gay men were all around: the writer Derek Blasberg and his boyfriend Lyle Maltz (another Yale classmate); the designers Zac Posen and Prabal Gurung.

Betts' daughter Maggie is one of Barbara's closest friends; they even live in the same New York apartment building.

There was Gramercy Cellars cabernet, Whistle Pig rye, Brooklyn Summer Ale, and a view of the Statue of Liberty.

Both twins graduated from their respective colleges in May of 2004. Bush left office and returned to private life in Texas in January of 2009.

Jenna Bush married her longtime boyfriend, Henry Hager, on in Crawford, Texas.

Barbara was born first and is named after her grandmother, the former First Lady and wife of George Bush the elder.

A second incident occurred on , when both girls were cited by police after attempting to buy drinks at an Austin restaurant.

In the fall of 2000, as their father was finishing a successful run for his first term as U. president, both girls began attending college: Barbara at Yale and Jenna at the University of Texas.

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