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Then they hit the dance floor, where Leo “was grabbing her by the waist as they danced,” adds the eyewitness. Apparently, this all makes total sense now that Bradley is dating 20-year-old Suki Waterhouse, who just happens to be a young, blonde model, but this is stll so weird: Bradley Cooper is getting a lesson in the no-strings-attached hookups from Hollywood’s ultimate bachelor, Leonardo Di Caprio! But Leo told him to chill out and enjoy all the beautiful women.” Leo, who has romanced a string of catwalkers, including Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli, explaiend his own master plan to Bradley.“They were laughing and smiling and really seemed into each other. “The guys [both are 38 years old] got to know each other during awards season, and leo took Bradley under his wing,” divulges an insider. “He’s going to date as many supermodels as possible before he’s 40, then he’ll settle down with a good woman,” the spy explains. Bradley has been spotted with model Suki Waterhouse, but “Bradley’s been following his pal’s advice — good times with no commitment,” says the source.

Macnab, you may recall, was a composite of three men, familiar to Buchan lovers from many other adventures – Sir Edward Leithen, former attorney-general; John Palliser Yates, an eminent banker; and Lord Lamancha, a cabinet minister.Indeed, the close of the first set the scene for the second, when Kirsty – who abandoned Neil over his fear of commitment – cryptically invites him to meet at Romanno Bridge in the Borders to hear of another adventure. How well does Romanno Bridge stand on its own, and as sequel?And why did more than a decade pass before the publication of the next adventure? As though only yesterday we meet Kirsty, Neil, Alasdair and Murray, and their willing and unwilling allies. Shark Tank’s Daymond John and his longtime girlfriend welcomed their first child together, a baby girl, on Wednesday, March 2, a rep for the business mogul exclusively confirms to Us.Both mother and baby are “happy and healthy,” his rep, Zach Rosenfield, tells Us.And they are not in the least Buchanite boyish, but free spirits, aware and active in their sexuality, in deliberate contrast to Buchan’s conventional and utterly loyal ladies.

Central is Kirsty Fowler; thirty-one and buried in the Highlands, escaping from a failed marriage and professional disgrace, yet living on the edge in her new role as local journalist in a remote community.

The plot is, I believe, as intentionally far-fetched as The Return; this time it’s a hunt for the real Stone of Destiny, playing on all the popular mythology which has surrounded the stone – or stones – since Ian Hamilton and his co-conspirators removed it from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950. Is the real stone, Jacob’s ancient Pillow, hidden away till Scot-land once more is independent?

I suspect Greig of having fun not only with sacred cows of Scotland, but with Da Vinci Code-style mindsets and mythologies.

Speaking of Leo’s type, this week’s issue of In Touch report that he’s found a new girlfriend, and he even dared to tread outside of the Victoria’s Secret catalog to find her (go Leo! Introducting Leo’s new lady, 25-year-old Heather Hahn: actor, 38, who has dated a string of gorgeous younger models, apepars to have a new lady in his life: model Heather Hahn, 25. I wonder how long it will be before he buys a Prius for this young chickadee, and then she’ll know that she’s sticking around for at least a few months until she reaches her Leo-dictated expiration date.

At a dinner with friends at Baoli Miami on March 21, “Leo only had eyes for Heather” as the group feasted on filet mignon and drank several bottles of Dom Perignon, says an eyewitness. In an interesting companion piece, Star has printed a story about how Leo’s modelizing ways are rubbing off on Bradley Cooper, who became part of Leo’s p—y posse when they hung out together in Miami in February (along with Mel Gibson and Jonah Hill).

You know, like a very sensitive serial killer who chants bedtime stories while stalking his victims.

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