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The celeb jungle has crowned itself a winner once again, not going to lie, I thought Adam Thomas had bagged it, and it should have been him or Joel Dommett. Heaven forbid Helen Wood has an opinion in a column on who should win on a game show. I looked at the twisted response, paused for a second, then wondered why on earth I deserve cancer just because I wanted Joel to win.Last week, I merely tweeted that I feel Joel is 100% real, and that Scarlett Moffatt is not. And people wonder why I prefer animals, never get this torrent of abuse from my dog, Dude.

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In most case, treatment would have ended there but Tracey’s follow-up smear three months later revealed some rogue cells had managed to evade the procedure and were continuing to grow. The implications were spelled out with almost brutal honesty.

I had friends who had treatment for abnormal smears and I knew it was usually no big deal,” she explains.

However Tracey was stunned to be told the problem was advanced and might already have spread beyond her cervix.

Having a sister who is a family planning nurse, Tracey knew the importance of regular smears and never missed a check.

When she was 30, after experiencing abdominal pains and bleeding between periods, she was referred to a gynaecologist who discovered an abnormality.“At first I thought, no problem, you can just laser it off, can’t you?

Early detection is crucial to beat any cancer and experts estimate that 120,000 lives, 5,000 a year, have been saved since cervical cancer screening was introduced in 1988.

Testing fell to a 10-year low last year, having surged in 2009 after the death of reality TV star Jade Goody at the age of 27.So, the jungle is done for another year, Celebrity Big Brother next, think I'll have to order myself a bullet proof vest before I express who I like and don't like.Television’s leading sex and dating expert Tracey Cox is not easily shocked but those statistics horrify her, because a smear test saved her life.“If I had not been screened I would not be here,” she says with the matter-of-fact directness that has become her hallmark through shows such as The Sex Inspectors and Would Like To Meet.Everyone was mingling except yours truly, never have been and never will be good in these situations.So, I'm sat in my little cave on my Jack Jones, no wifi, ace, journalists and staff keep asking me if I'm okay, like I'm the old woman who's got lost and peed herself outside Wilko, this was really sweet but of course, I was fine.Chloe is the full package, YES, I'm paying someone a compliment. Top bird, down-to-earth, doesn't take herself too seriously.