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How, he's part of the enviable ensemble assembled by actress Clea Duvall ("Veep") for "The Intervention," her indie film debut as writer-director.

Initially, there's that thing that, like, people can sort of hang their hat on.

I would love to do something that is able to get out there on a bigger scale.

One of the tough things with independent movies is you're counting so much on word of mouth, and that either can happen or not happen.

What does that legacy mean to you at this stage of your life? I think it was before "Three's Company." I think he had done "The Waltons" and a couple other things. And I was like, "That's so interesting," because by the time I came along, it was like this.

It was sort of like, "Oh, at the end of the interview, here's another sort of interesting thing."And what's been funny is also now that my brother has started to ...

Clea had written this part for Melanie, so Melanie was cast.

Then I knew Natasha was going to be in it -- I knew how close the three of them were, and I was like, "That's going to be such a fun thing for you guys!

I feel like there are so many different sensibilities in the world, and it's been nice in the last couple years to have found things that are all different, but that feel right to me.

Whether it's a comedy or a drama or science fiction or whatever it is, there's something about it that makes me go, "Yes, this is the kind of thing that I like and would want to watch." So I'm hoping for that.

Because I think there are times in which you can sort of gamble big and take a shot at something and lose, and then it's harder to convince people to give you that big of a shot again.

So I've been trying to be careful in only auditioning for things that I really love.

"I heard my name was being bandied around in the room with Clea and her producers, and Melanie vouched for me as well. Yeah, it was really fun to hear that I was going to get to join them on this fun journey. You've got a lot of good work to your credit, and a lot of different kinds of projects and different levels of projects.

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