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That’s the spirit behind “ghosting.” Put simply, it’s the action of ignoring a suitors communication attempts in the hope that he or she will “get the message.” There’s a lack of reciprocal interest, and the perpetrator wants to make that clear without having to say it directly.The “ghoster” will ignore any mix of phone calls, text messages, emails and social messaging efforts to avoid the awkward and potentially painful moment when the pursued must tell the pursuer that love isn’t in the cards.

Sure, she will want to know you are ambitious and can match her efforts in life, but bragging about who you’ve met or what you drive or where you live, will send her running for the hills.Ghosting usually happens early in a relationship, or it intercedes to prevent a more significant relationship from taking place.It’s safe to assume a closer relationship built up over a longer period would require direct communication to end — rather than die with the slow sad burn of silence.Being a gentleman is nothing more than holding higher standards for yourself than most of the population, this is why being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of But let’s cut to the chase, what can you do, realistically, in today’s dating world to attract a mature woman who is tired of playing games?Yes, evolution and biology tell us that the biggest, baddest dog in the yard gets the girl. The truth is, gentlemen, that the basic fundamentals of courtship have remained the same over time.

As a gentleman in the modern era, you immediately set yourself apart by how you carry yourself, how you present yourself, and how you treat others.

If, over a course of days and weeks, emails and texts and Facebook messages and Tweets DMs and phone calls and semaphore flags and Morse code taps and smoke signals and graffiti tags and sky writing and airship banners were all ignored, ghosting is complete. We’re going to assume that a man should not ghost, and he’s not much of a man if he does. Looking back on it, the saddest aftereffect wasn’t the loss of a potential relationship, but rather the loss of respect for the woman on the other end. But, to let interaction fade away seemed so legitimately lame that could never again work up a sense of value for the ghoster.

We’ll get to more of that later in the hope of making it true for as many males as possible. There are four possible reasons, listed here in order of likelihood (highest to lowest): Regardless of motivation, the sin of ghosting is a subtle one. If that’s how business is done, I do business elsewhere happily.

Ghosting would’ve been generally impossible 100, 50 or even 25 years ago because the majority of courting was done in person.

Yes, love letters could be passed and avoided without response. Still, at some point, the sender would wonder if the missives were getting through and would have to make first person contact.

"They tables were decked out with candles and there was a romantic atmosphere.""The flirtatious body language was there, she was playing with her hair and they seemed quite touchy-feely." Self-confessed anarchist Ronan, 61, was wrongly convicted of murdering a policeman in Northern Ireland back in 1974, when he was aged just 18.

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    or pictures that simply make you look like someone you are not. I heard it from men who use these very same dating apps — men who at one time may have wanted to date you (yay! I had one guy friend of mine say to me,“The woman I met on our first date looked like she ate the woman in the pictures on her profile page.”Harsh? They like it all, so why are we still trying to fake it? Let’s think about this: How does your showing up to a first date looking like someone totally different going to benefit you at all? It makes you look like you don’t like how you look, and don’t have any self-confidence.

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