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The latter lived until 1736, although it appears between the death of Redshaw in 1716 and Millicent Radcliffe in 1736, much preparatory work was done acquiring the site for the library.

An early set of plans were engraved and prints delivered to the most important members of the town and University, no doubt to ensure that their opposition was dealt with swiftly. Four days before, the Trustees had decided on an inscription for it to bear on a copper plate. Procuratoribus Plaudenti undique Togata Gente Honorabilis Admodum D Carolus Noel Somerset Honorabilis Iohannes Verney Gualterus Wagstaff Bagot Baronettus Edwardus Harley et Armigeri Edwardus Smith Radclivii Munificentissimi Testamenti Curatores P. Jacobo Gibbs Architecto The progress of the building and the craftsmen employed is detailed both in the Minute Books of the Trustees and the Building Book, which supplement information given by Gibbs in his Bibliotheca Radcliviana. In 1739, John Townesend also succeeded his father on the latter's death.

The library-keeper was to be chosen by several influential figures: the Archbisop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor, the Chancellor of the University of Oxford, the Bishop of London and the Bishop of Winchester, the Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary, the Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench and the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and the Master of the Rolls.

The first payment was to be made after the death of Radcliffe's two sisters, Hannah Redshaw and Millicent Radcliffe.

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The model was well-received and it appears to have only been Hawksmoor's death in 1736 that led the Trustees to appoint Gibbs as architect to the project. Linel of Long-acre, London, to be carver in wood; Mr.

Gibbs was given a salary of £100 per annum "for directing and supervising the building of the Radcliffe Library and drawing all plans that shall be necessary for completing that work and corresponding with the builders, and going down four times in every year to see the building". Artari, an Italian, to be their plaisterer in the fret work way; Mr.

The Radcliffe Camera (Camera, meaning "room" in Latin; colloquially, "Rad Cam" or "The Camera") is a building of Oxford University, England, designed by James Gibbs in neo-classical style and built in 1737–1749 to house the Radcliffe Science Library.

It is sited to the south of the Old Bodleian, north of St.

As a consequence, the Trustees had to negotiate with the owners and the tenants of the houses.

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